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Printed Flannel Shirt

Printed Flannel Shirt

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With its strikingly vivid colors and vintage-like texture, the fabric is of original flannel produced with an ideal balance of firm and soft, and printed using the traditional Japanese technique of ‘tenassen’ hand printing.

The shirt's design is a mix of tailoring details found in flannel shirts from the 1950s and 60s, such as the open collar and gusseted round tail. All seams are neatly flat-felled with an intricate process to ensure a beautiful appearance of the lining, and comfortability with a pleasant touch.

The three-hole buttons are custom-made from shells. On the chest, an octagonal peace sign (a symbol of the〈HANA, TAIYO, AME〉project) is emblemed to complete the garment.

The lineup includes shirts in seven distinct plaid patterns, with bold color schemes inspired from flannel shirts of the 1950s. Available in limited quantities, exclusively through the〈HANA, TAIYO, AME〉online store.
Please enjoy a thoroughly produced, ultimate piece of gem.


100% cotton
made in Japan


S) Length 79.5cm Shoulder width 48cm 1/2 Chest 64cm Sleeve length 64.5cm
M) Length 81.5cm Shoulder width 50cm 1/2 Chest 66.5cm Sleeve length 65.5cm
L) Length 83.5cm Shoulder width 52cm 1/2 Chest 69cm Sleeve length 66.5cm
XL) Length 85.5cm Shoulder width 54cm 1/2 Chest 71.5cm Sleeve length 67.5cm

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